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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gardens Etc.

I just came back from a MOMS Club gathering at the Pierce Playground. There were only a couple of other MOMS there but it was fun. Julia spent the majority of the time in one of the baby swings which she just loves. She did get out and walk around a little and Emily took her down one of the slides.

One of the Moms in the group has a duaghter that is in Katherine's kindergarten class so Katherine and Emily spent most of their time running around with her. As a special treat, I took them to McDonald's to lunch.

They are currently out on the deck singing the songs from the Disney movie, "High School Musical." There and sing/dance along on tv Friday night so they are practicing. They're too darn cute.

Kelly and Tracey are coming over tomorrow to help me do my gardens. I am so excited! We have a few flower gardens that are completely overgrown so the plan is to dig them out and go from there. I am excited at the thought of having a nice flower garden though.

Anyway, Julia is napping so I am going to try and get some things done around here! I might be back later!

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