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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Car and Stuff

I am (finally) supposed to be getting my car back today. I went without a car for the whole weekend and yesterday! That's hard when you have kids that have things to do, and a husband who worked one day this weekend. Thank God my mother acted as chauffeur and "moral supporter" yesterday for Julia's appointment.

On the books for today(in list form because I am lazy): get my car (and return my mother's...she let me borrow it so I could get the kids to and from Burt Wood later).

Hopefully get the results of Julia's MRI so I can let this breath out I have been holding for almost 24 hours(I am not really nervous and I actually think everything is going to be fine but still, the waiting kills me).

Clean my house, which after only being neglected for one day (yesterday) looks like a hurricane blew through.

Go to my counseling appointment tonight (I haven't been in almost over a month due to scheduling conflicts so I am kind of looking forward to it).

Watch American Idol and go to bed.

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