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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Report Cards

Emily and Katherine both got report cards on Friday. I meant to blog about how they did then, but my life was taken over by a mysterious force now known as "Mardi Gras" for both Friday and Saturday. I am finally back to normal.

Middleboro recently changed the way report cards are done. Basically, each grade is now a number. The breakdown is as follows:

1=Slow progress
2=Average progress
3=Better than average progress
4=Excellent Progress

We'll start with Emily. Basically, she went up or stayed the same in everything.

She got: seven 2's
twenty four 3's
five 4's

Her 4's were in History and Social Studies (no big surprise there) Music (again, not a shocker)accepts responsibility for choices and consequences, follows rules, and completes and returns home work on time (in the latter three areas a four actually stands for "consistently demonstrates this behavior").

Her teacher's comments: "Emily has continued to do well academically. Keep up a strong effort!"

Katherine did well too. She stayed the same across the board except for "Follows Directions" and "Listens Attentively" which went from 3's to 4's. She moved up in her actual reading level from preconventional to emerging which was awesome. She also went from a 2 to a 3 in Science.

Katherine's breakdown: twelve 2's
twelve 3's
two 4's

Her teachers comments: Good job this term Katherine! Just practice those sight words; I know you can do it!

So obviously, they both did very well!


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