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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Food shopping with Julia has become both funny and a pain in the ass.

Here's why.

She has started labeling all the food. For example, we walk through the produce section and she says, "Nana" and "Apple". Then we head down the snack aisle and I hear her saying, "Cacka" and "ookie". When we go down the baby aisle I hear, "pampa" and "poopie." She's so darn cute!

The "pain in the ass but cute at the same time" part? When she turns in to a contortionist and and twists her body around to grab the Golfish crackers of the top of the pile in the carriage, and looks at me with those adorable eyes and says, "Peasa Mama."

And I have the nerve to say no.


Thank God I had a back up snack in the diaper bag!

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