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Thursday, March 23, 2006


This Saturday is the PTA sponsored Mardi Gras event. As mentioned previously, I am chairing the food committee and, as a result, I have about a million and a half things to do over the next few days.

Here's the list:

Go to BJ's to pick up gift card and use it to buy condiments and water.

Go to do regular food shopping.

Go to Market Basket and use donated giftcard to purchase plasticware and random other supplies.

Go to school and drop off water bottles, papergoods etc.

Cut and bag brownies for event.

Get up Saturday and go to Cirelli's, Shaw's, and Stop and Shop to purchase (with donated giftcards) the hotdog and roll orders I placed last week.

Go to McDonald's to pick up multi-gallon container and orange drink mix for event.

Go to event.

Return rented hotdog machines.

Go home!

So, you know, obviously, I'll be busy!

I might be back around these parts tomorrow briefly but if not, don't plan on hearing from me until Saturday night or Sunday morning!

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Anonymous said...

Such a good PTA Mom! Way to go Shazzy!