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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Answer And New ?

My favorite thing about spring is being able to go outside without freezing my ass off! That, along with the flowers and greenery make spring my favorite season!

New Question: At what age do you think it is appropriate to start a blog?


Jay said...

Depends on the individual. One of my favorite former bloggers was barely 12 when I first read her. There was some parental oversight involved, but mainly it was a matter of ability to write and interest in doing so.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, that's a tough one. All of the reports on the news about sexual predators online would really freak me out if I had a child and they used the internet. On the other hand, I think that creativity really needs to be encouraged. I think it would depend on the child, and how mature they were.

Emma M. said...

I started blogging when I was 15, because that's about the same time I discovered the Internet in general. (I'm 19 now.) I think that with supervision, kids could even start a lot earlier . . .

I know blogging had a huge and very positive influence on me. Since I was homeschooled, I didn't have a lot of formal writing assignments--blogging helped me develop my writing skills. And, unlike school assignments, I LIKED blogging.

When I got to college, I managed to impress my teachers with my essays despite the fact that I had written almost no essays in high school. . . except my informal essays for my blog. My teacher was especially impressed with my writing 'voice' . . . which I think was developed almost entirely through blogging (though I think message boards were also a help).

It was also a great creative outlet that got me through some really tough times with minimal damage. So, I think it's a great idea to blog early and often . . . though of course care needs to be taken with everything.

Caltechgirl said...

Anita of Fighting Inertia started her boys on blogging pretty young. I believe they are 8 and 10. Mom is pretty careful about who they communicate with, and it's a wonderful way for them to work on their writing skills. Go to her page (fightinginertia.blogspot.com) and she has links to them and to some things about blogging for/by kids.