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Thursday, February 17, 2011


It is my intent to spend the entire afternoon outside tomorrow to take full advantage of the beautiful day that is coming our way.  Ideally I would like to spend some of the time walking and some, perhaps, just sitting down and taking it all in.  Normally, a walk along the canal suits these purposes just fine but I was thinking it would be nice to try something different.  So,local readers, I am looking for your suggestions.  Not to be extremely picky but here is my ideal description of someplace I would like to go:

-must be local to Middleboro (by local I mean in Middleboro itself or within 45 minutes of the town lines because I need to be home late afternoon for the girls and don't intend to head out until mid morning or so).

-must have paved or well packed down walkways (I am not at all opposed to walking through the woods but I imagine the woods would be a muddy, wet mess at this point with the snow melt and I am all set with that).

-must have some sort of option for sitting (benches would be ideal but if the walkway is paved, I don't mind just sitting along the edge) so I can just sit, relax, admire the scenery, take in the fresh air, and possibly even spend some time reading).

-Must not need four wheel drive as the only means of access (no four wheel drive on the van).

So there you have it.  Suggestions welcome and appreciated!


Mark Belanger said...

I can't think of anyplace that will be free of snow. Pratt Farm is good and has benches but you'll be walking on snow. Oak Point has plowed sidewalks and benches. I doubt anyone would bother you for just walking around - private though it be. Maybe one of the (ack) big out door malls like Patriot Place, Colony Place or that joint in Wareham. The waterfront in Onset might be nice.

Foster parenting changes lives said...

Perhaps Borderland State Park in Easton?

Sharon said...

I thought about an outdoor mall type thing but I was looking to get back to nature. I don't mind the snow, i just don't want to be trampling through mud and puddles, which I fear may be the case with the temperatures being forecasted.