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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cool Mom

I just signed on to Emily's i tunes account and download some of her music to my i pod touch, because yes, I am just cool like that. Here's the latest playlist generated from her music:

Firework by Katy Perry (LOVE this song) 
Just A Dream By Nelly
Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars (LOVE this one too!)
Ke$ha Tik Tok
Raise Your Glass Pink
Check It Out Nicki Minaj
Time Of My Life Black Eyed Peas
B.O.B. Magic In Me
Enrique Iglesias Baby I Like It

Freak the Freak Out Victoria Justice
Comin' Home Dirty Money
Grenade Bruno Mars
Sara Barielles King Of Anything

The "coolness factor" goes both ways.  Emily has some music from the 80's and before on her i pod including NKOTB, Air Supply, old school Bon Jovi,  Men At Work,  Hall and Oates, AC DC, Aerosmith, Jimmy Buffett,  Kool and the Gang, MJ, U2, Journey and more.  She also has a fair amount of country music, my other favorite genre. 

And of course she also has some Barry Manilow on there.   Let's face it, no music collection could possibly be considered complete without a little Barry. 

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