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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Your obligatory end of the school year post...

...just wouldn't be complete with out a quick reference to how quickly the school year flew by, how I wish I could stop time, and how it doesn't seem possible that next school year I will be the mother of an 8th and 5th grader, as well as a kindergartner (take 2)!

As in years past, I am sure the kids will come off of the bus cheering summer's arrival and, in keeping with tradition, I will join in with them. There will be many "hooray's", "woo hoos" and screams of joy as we say goodbye to another school year and hello to a summer full of possibilities. New this year will be a an "Aloha To School, Aloha To Summer" party which will be celebrated poolside with my father. The party will include fun things like flower lei's, drinks with umbrella's in them, and a "summer fun" bag filled with all kinds of summer things like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, summer reading books, flip flops, and crayons and coloring books for those rainy days. I am also going to make (tonight because you all know how I love love love the last minute!) "Summer Fun Gift Cards" good for things like trips to the beach, an ice cream cone at the place of their choice (please kids, pick Peaceful Meadows or Erickson's), trips to the library, arts and crafts days at home, and trips to the zoo. I can't wait to see how excited and happy they will be when they see all this.

Oh summer, I have missed you. Welcome back...and please feel free to take an extended stay!

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