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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Car Story

Ryun just left to get an estimate on how much it will cost to fix the back bumper of the van.

About a week ago, it was hit while in a parking lot at a store near my sisters house. It was dark out so we didn't even notice it when we came back out of the store but shortly after, I saw a note on my windshield. When we got back to her house, I read the note which, from the tone and handwriting I could clearly tell was written by a teen. I found the damaged bumper (which is actually not the bumper but a plastic covering type thing that goes over it)and went in to give the number a call. I got a voice mail and left my information. It was even more obvious by the sound of the girl's voice on the message that it was a kid. She called me back the next day (a call I missed because I was dealing with Emily who had just slammed her fingers in the car door)and left me an apologetic, possibly even tearful message, about how sorry she was. She also said that her father would like to pay for the damage out of pocket rather than go through insurance if that was ok with us. I had Ryun call her back to tell her that would be fine and we would call back with the estimate we would get sometime in the next couple of weeks. The poor girl was even tearful with Ryun.

I tell you this story because I was in awe of this girl and her moral responsibility and honesty. It probably would have been easy enough for her to leave the scene since I wasn't there. Instead, she did the right thing...left a note and is (with the help of her father) taking responsibility for her actions. I said to Ryun that it was clear that this child had been and was being raised "right." It was a nice thing to see and when we call her back with the details of the cost, I am going to make sure to tell her just that.

*UPDATE* Ryun just got back from Lenny's...cost to fix? $1100! YIKES! Apparently there is actual damage to the bumper and metal frame underneath. That price includes a four day rental at $45 per day because it will take 4 days to fix.

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