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Monday, April 12, 2010

In an effort...

...to look at the bright side of Ryun being laid off, I give you the following reasons why it hasn't been the worst possible thing that could have happened:

1. He has cooked dinner a lot...and he's a really good cook! Regular readers know how much I despise this task.

2. He has gotten a TON off stuff done around here. Right now? He is outside raking the front yard.

3. It actually has been nice having him around more. I say "actually" because I was wondering if his being here would, I don't know, interfere with my daily routine. So far, so good.

4. He seems happier to be here than he ever has. By here I mean, like, you know, alive and kicking. Life was pretty miserable for him over the past year or so and with the stress of his awful work situation gone, he is a happier person in general. It's a nice change.

So of course, I want him to find a job but, until that happens, I am going to enjoy having him around!

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