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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hello Focus? Where Are You?

Ugh. I can't seem to focus on anything that I need to today. I have now wasted the morning and need to be at Kindergarten registration in about an hour. Updating the blog seems like a good use of the time I have left.

I was thinking recently about how busy I have been over the past few weeks and how busy I will be in the coming few. I have said before that the amount of volunteer work I do could be considered a full time job...and the last few weeks have more than confirmed that. Anyway, all of this got me thinking about next school year. My term as President of the PTA will be coming to an end in June. I am more than happy to pass the baton to someone else; not that I haven't enjoyed the past two years. It's just time for me to move on...refocus my attention toward other things. PTA is a cause near and dear to me and I have no intention of ever leaving the group, but I am ready to take on some new tasks.

There have been a number of things I have been thinking about. The first thing I think I will do is really try to gear up the advocacy piece of PTA. As I continue to become more and more involved with child advocacy through the override campaign and the MA State PTA Advocacy Team, I am beginning to realize that this is where my true calling lies. I feel so strongly about the issues and have really gained an appreciation and a fondness for advocating for children. The second is to head up a "Green Team" through the PTA that can actively investigate ways of "greening" the methods in which the school communicates with parents. About a week ago I posted this on my Facebook status and had a number of people comment. There are many schools that communicate through mass emailings, phone calls, and other more green methods. I am planning on finding out more about this and see if I can work with the school department here in Middleboro and get them to follow suit.

I know it is a bit early to be thinking of the next school year already. This year I am feeling like I am being pulled in a million different directions. I think it would be nice to narrow my focus a little, and make a commitment to a few tasks rather than a million.

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Kathy said...

I agree with you on the "greening" of the school communication - it would be something that would save them money in the long run - I just hope they see it that way!

And don't over-extend yourself - it is tough to put so much time into volunteering! I had to scale back this year because I felt myself getting burnt out from being pulled in so many different directions - always remember to take some time for yourself!