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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


...Emily came home with two things that made me feel old.

A permission slip to watch "The Movie" in school.

a course selection sheet and Program of Studies package from the middle school.

I jokingly said to Ryun that the administrators should know that these things should be spread out over the course of a few weeks, so as to not send parents in to a deep depression when they realize that their "baby" is growing up (and all too fast if you ask me).

Anyway, more on all of that coming up in the post that may end up being titled, "Why I Am Freaking Out About Emily Going To Middle School."

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Anonymous said...

if it's the same movie i watched by always it's VERY WELL done. It doesnt go into too much its' just enough for their age.

Middle school HELLO..........where did the time go??????????????????