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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


My wrist has actually gotten to the point of interfering with my life in ways that just aren't ok with me (for example last night at my meeting, writing more than a sentence hurt unbearably and (this was the kicker) I had to reach over with my left hand to move the shifter handle in the car because I didn't have the strength or pain management skills to do it with my right).

So, I, of all people am actually considering going to the doctors. Me. But really? As much as I am fortunate to be able to do most things equally well with my left as I am my right, I can't have my right hand not available.

Oddly, typing doesn't seem to bother it much (mild pain compared to other things) and thank God for that. Imagine how awful it would be typing with one hand or not at all? I'd rather not, thanks.

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