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Monday, March 17, 2008

Too Early

To be awake that is. I woke up while Ryun was getting ready to leave for work (5am) and my mind went in to racing mode, so I decided rather than lie in bed, not being able to sleep, I may as well get up and be productive. I managed to have just enough time to run out and get a coffee (note to self: buy cream when you go out today) before Ryun left for the day.

Anyway, I have plans to go out to the store today (Michael's perhaps) to buy gimp for Emily. Yesterday, during a "moment" of "my hormones are in that oh so fun preteen/puberty out of control stage", she said, "I wish I had gimp. Working with my hands helps calm me down." To which I responded, "Really? Maybe I will run out and get some tomorrow (no sarcasm there people, because at this point? I might do just about anything)." Katherine, not one to let this "Mommy said she'd buy Emily something because it helps her calm down, so let's work this to my angle and tell her what helps me calm down" moment pass her by, chimed in with, "Books really help me calm down." So, could they be pulling a fast one? Perhaps. I don't think so though because, there was a real honesty behind what Emily said and, with the frame of mind she was in? I don't think she could have had the reasoning skills in place to concoct a plan to get me to buy it for her (although, with Emily, I wouldn't be surprised by anything). Gimp is at least doable. It's not like she said, "I really wish I had a brand new Nintendo DS. That really helps me calm down." Because that? It isn't just a "run out to the store and grab one for her" kind of thing. As for Katherine, I think I can manage a book while I'm at it, even if it's just because of her own cleverness in taking advantage of the moment at hand. I also need to run to the grocery store for the aforementioned cream, as well as a few lunch type things for tomorrow (yay for finally making a plan to scrap with friends that so far actually seems like it's going to work out).

Other things need to get done too. I would like to read another chapter or two of my new book(Shooting and Selling Your Photos by Jim Zuckerman). I also need to watch chapter two of the Oprah and Eckhart class because tonight is chapter three and I am hoping to watch that live this time around. In an attempt to at least try and keep up with the laundry, I am going to do some of that too. It feels indescribably nice to have only one load waiting to be put in, and to have all the clean clothes folded and put away. I have serious doubts about the prospect of it staying that way for any period of time, but, we'll see. Of course there will be blog reading and perhaps blog updating as well. Oh, I also need to call the hand surgeon dude. The wrist has been ok (except for a random flare up on Friday night, it's been just a mild, annoying kind of pain) but, I figure if it was bad enough at one point to render my hand useless, it should probably be a priority.

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