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Monday, March 03, 2008


We are thinking of getting a new computer. I figure that the kids are going to start needing one better than what is upstairs soon enough, and, we should think about getting them online up there as well (with of course, parental blocks in place as necessary). It's the 21st century afterall, a life and school and everything is bound to get more technical.

Anyway, the plan is to give the kids our computer (a Dell Dimension 2400 which is four years old, I think). It runs on XP and has sufficient memory etc. for what I think they will need.

I had every intention of buying another Dell, because well, why not? We haven't had any major problems with it, and the one time I ever had to call tech support they were helpful (although it would have helped if the rep spoke English). Other than that though, no problems. Oh, and did I mention how inexpensive Dell's are? Like dirt cheap in comparison to other systems.

I just figured I would ask though. Maybe someone has other ideas and experiences they would like to share. Have at it!


Jay said...

You may still have luck with a Dell, but it's a roulette thing. They aren't what they once were.

They have ways of shaving costs to make them so cheap, which doesn't always end up with a good result. I found that if you went to their web site armed with a spec and customized your own system to the spec, they would be, give or take a little, comparable to something locally built or from a more standard vendor. In at least one case, the difference was at least $400 higher for a Dell with given specs (like $1500 versus $1100 for a highish end system a few years back).

While I might not go to the specific local shop I know of in this town, you may be as well off to shop locally, build your own, or whatever.

BUT a Dell isn't automatically bad, and it depends how the specs match what you need, and what you expect to do with it, and all that. You just have to watch the teaser lowest end cost systems from them (and others).

The Dew's said...

we have 2 dells one 3 yrs and one 2 yrs and really havent had any major issues.

Our other one is a dell it still works we just outgrew it.

Wayne said...

I tend to agree with Jay. But for what you are likely using it for and the price they are on par and maybe a bit better then the other brands that are around the same price. (You can get one at wal mart for about the same price.
Custom built is always better IMO, but then again I'm usually running programs (cough)GAMES(Cough) that push the limits of the computer. Not to mention Vista is evil for gamers. My video card alone has more ram then the basic dell pc.

I'll be more then happy to help in any way I can though if you have questions.