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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

You Know What Really Stinks?

That my most focused, creative, and motivated time to do anything seems to fall right around 3pm...just about 40 minutes before Emily and Katherine arrive home, and just in time to start the dinner, homework, showers, bed etc. Rarely does the mood strike at a much more convenient time, like say when Julia is at school, or, for that matter when she is here. Although today was not representative of this, she is pretty easily entertained and not terribly demanding of my time. It would be easy to take complete advantage of that if I was actually feeling inclined, so, in order to prevent that, I always make it a "part of my day" to sit with her and do a guided, specific activity. Today's activity involved flashcards (word/picture recognition) which she loved.

Anyway, even if I am still feeling it emotionally after the kids and hubby are all asleep, I am feeling just the right amount of tired to distract any real or creative progress on well...anything.

It's frustrating.

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