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Sunday, February 24, 2008


It has been such a fun weekend that I am sad to see it ending, more so than I am the usual weekend. We have had Wayne and his kids here since Thursday, and it has been a lot of fun for my kids (his too I think). Julia has really come out of her shell, and it was quite obvious this weekend when she interacted with and had a great time showing off for the kids. She was also funny, having to copy everything Billy did (right down to putting on shorts because he had them on). They all ended up bowling yesterday (Ryun took Emily and Katherine while I stayed behind with Julia and cooked dinner.) I made chili, which we had with hotdogs (aka chili dogs) , taco salad (for my first time and it came out great by all accounts), as well as sandwiches (to attempt to use up the cold cuts I bought). I also bought ice cream sundae stuff for dessert. The kids went out in the snow after dark which they thought was awesome.

We have stayed up late every night (well midnight isn't late for me but it is for the kids). We've had Wii tournaments, watched movies and just hung around. The living room was covered in kids every night, while Wayne took Emily's bed upstairs. Julia didn't stay up quite as late (it was more like 8:30, which is late for her considering she is usually in bed by 7:30). She slept in her room, even despite her asking numerous times to sleep in the livingroom. There was no way that she would have been able to sleep among the noise and whatever else was going on so I didn't budge on that.

They will all be back later to pack it up and head home (except for Wayne who I think will be back to spend one more night).

Anyway, like I said, I am sad to see the weekend go, for the reasons mentioned, but also because tomorrow? It's back to reality. Vacation ends, school begins again, and life gets back to normal. It's not all bad of course, but I am going to miss the relaxed nature of the week off.

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