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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Silly me...

...forgot to print all of my email contacts before I just gave the computer a major overhaul. Duh. I got all of my pictures and everything else backed up but forgot to do the email contacts.

So...if you think I had (or you want me to have) or think I would want to have your email address, and you have mine, can you email it to me?

And if you understand what the hell I just said, bonus points for you.

Anyway, thanks!


Jay said...

Decided to fdisk after all?

Ideally you'd have exported your address book contents, put the file on floppy or CD or internet storage, then imported it back into the blank address book. OTOH, if yours was anything like mine, it had a ton of detritus.

Trouble is, among the detritus there's waaaaaaaay too much stuff to try to gather up if I lost it. Which means I should probably do a backup soon...

Sharon said...

Yup. After everything I had tried, it was a little faster, but not fast enough for my liking. I had tons of "crap" on here and it was just easier to save what I knew I wanted, and start from scratch. Still can't believe I forgot to do the email contacts.