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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Quest For Total Wellness: Being Supportive: What Does That Mean?

I thought it might behoove me to go over that a bit here. After re-reading a few of my recent entries, I noticed that I did quite a bit of complaining about what doesn't help, but didn't really get in to too much detail about what does.

For the most part, it is the manner in which things are said that can make all the difference. Saying something to the tune of, "Maybe you should try and get a medication change, or take more of what you have" is saying, in effect, "Your crazy Sharon, and you are not doing a good enough job with what you have." On the other hand saying something like, "Just make sure to explore all options, and don't close the door on anything before giving it a fair chance" says, " I have faith in you and your abilities to know what works for you Sharon, and I trust that whatever decisions you make, will be in what you feel is the best interest of yourself and your family." And, even if it's not? Even if I make a choice that may not be viewed as great? Let me make my mistakes, and let me hopefully learn from them.

Don't deny me the right to have a bad day. I am human after all, and just because I have a "history" does not mean that every bad day, or even bad stretch is going to send me in to the depths of despair. Sometimes life is good, sometimes it is great, and sometimes it sucks. Even "normal" people go through those kinds of cycles. I admit to going through them more, um, severely then some, but, because I know that about myself, I am doing something about it. I am opening up more here for starters, but I am also actively pursuing help. By actively, I mean not only going to see someone but, really taking an active interest in improving myself by reading, following through with what I have learned and taking baby steps to get to where I want to be.

Love me. It's really that simple. Love me for who I am and not what you wish I would be. Love me for what I do and not what you wish I would do. Respect my ability to make decisions as an adult, and be they good or bad, don't mentally infringe on my right to make them. I have earned at least that I think.

That about covers it. I am sure I could probably think of more, but, this is a good basis from which to begin. And, these are the big things. If these needs/requests are met, I have a funny feeling that the smaller and more minor needs will no longer matter.

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