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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Note To Self

Upload classical music playlist to Ipod for nights when everything is working against the possibility of you sleeping.

Music (especially of the classical version) has always been soothing to me when having a difficult time falling asleep. Last night, it would have have had the possibility of working wonders. Julia ended up in with us (after numerous unsuccessful attempts to bring her up to her own room after she fell asleep). That in itself would have been enough to ruin at least half way decent sleep for me, but added to the mix was a racing mind, Ryun snoring (which was odd for him),hot flashes, a semi-upset stomach, and Julia being unusually restless. I tossed and turned until 3:00 before finally falling in to a fitful sleep, full of strange dreams which I can't seem to recall now. I woke when Ryun left for work and didn't really fall back asleep before the alarm went of at 6:30. It doesn't help that it's that time of month, meaning of course, that I am already feeling much more tired than usual. Ugh.

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