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Friday, February 08, 2008


For the first time in my life, I saw someone's aura. It was a strange experience, not because I don't believe in such things (because I completely do) but because it was the first time it has happened to me and it was so fitting and timely, it gave me the chills.

I think I was about half way through the counseling session when I noticed it. We were having a discussion about finding inner peace, staying in the moment and getting in touch with our spiritual side. I had just heard about a book that I want to read by Eckhart Tolle called, "A New Earth: Awakening Your Life's Purpose" and my counselor was recommending that I also read his first book called, "The Power Of Now." Anyway, I looked over at her and it was just there...surrounding her...a green energy. I kept refocusing my eyes, wondering if I was seeing things but it wouldn't go away.

I have looked things like this up before. Green is a healing and relaxing color and reveals that a person is healthy, or is healing some one. It can also be the color of meditation and of being at one with themselves. It was very fitting.

I believe in these things, probably more fiercely then some. Mostly I believe, because this type of experience has happened to me before...not the aura but the "other worldly, sixth sense" types of experiences. I have had dreams about things before they actually happen (like, when I had a dream that my nephew had this awful cold and was going to the doctors and a couple of days later, my sister called and said that he had a cold and she was bringing him to the doctors. Or when, I was driving down he street remembering the time that a deer ran out in front of my car in the exact spot that I was currently driving, and as soon as the thought left my head, a deer ran out in front of my car again, in the exact same spot and way that it had happened before. Or when I have this weird "mind meld" with Emily and she verbalizes the thought I was just having. These are just a few examples of course, of many things that have caused me to believe.

Anyway, it was interesting.

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