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Friday, February 15, 2008


I have had some recent success selling there, listing 2 books and an old digital camera. The camera and one of the books sold. So I was thinking I might try and list some other things there as well. More books for sure (Lord knows I have plenty of those I could sell) but some other things as well. I have a number of smaller type items that I think I will list, just to see if anything comes of it.

Has anyone else ever bought/sold on Ebay? Any tricks you'd like to share?


Jay said...

We've been leery of eBay, and all the more so with their recent changes in terms. I bought there years ago and had no problem, even found buyers who'd take a check. Got an obscure video for Gary.

Half.com seems good specifically for books, at least if you have a lot. They handle the checkout and all, and your stuff shows up on searches people do and they can choose to buy from you, at which point they pay, you ship, and you get paid I forget if it's a twice a month thing or what.

I may try Craigslist for some larger things, besides the van. We may try to sell the baby swing, which is now retired and taking space on the landing. I have a brand new, used on one trip and not many times then camp stove that'd be costly to ship but might garner interest for as much as $20.

At the time of the yard sale, we weren't nearly as eager to unload stuff. Now we're wishing it were summer.

Wayne said...

I've never heard of any evil connected with Ebay. Laura used to sell and buy lots of stuff on there with no issue.
As long as you don't go outside there internal communication system they have protection in place in case you get ripped of.
Check the rating of the person your buying from and you should be fine..

Mrs. Peeps said...

I have bought quite a few times from ebay. I always just check the sellers rating and sometimes read comments to see if they are good or not.