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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Immune System: Shot To Hell, Apparently

I don't know what the heck is going on with me this winter, but, I have been sicker than I ever have been in my entire life, I think. I am (or I guess used to be) one of those people that rarely, if ever, gets sick. When one person would get the worst cold ever, I only got a minor one. When one person would get a stomach bug, I would not get it at all, or only get it to a much lesser degree. This year, so far, I have had pneumonia, a funky, " I am losing my voice thing" that lasted for 2 weeks around Christmas and made me feel not great but not completely awful and never amounted to anything else, and now, I am about 90% sure that I have a sinus infection. WTF?

Being sick is just annoying. Having it interfere with my never ending list of things I need or want to get done is killing me. Feeling like my head might explode from the pressure of it all (both the literal pressure of the sinus infection and the pressure to you know, cross at least an item off of the list) is enough to drive me to...to...to...bed.



Deb said...

I think the 50 degree temperature swings are Not Helping. I'm not even sick and I feel like hell after one of those.

Anonymous said...

Deb, it sounds like you have a classic case of adrenal fatigue. This is a condition that occurs from prolonged stress. I had 3 traumatic events occur in my life in just 3 months and the result was PTSD and adrenal fatigue for me. The healing process is to scale back your life considerably, sleep 10 hrs. a day, change your diet, and take adrenal supplements. Medical drs. cannot do much to help you - its mostly lifestyle changes.