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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Have you ever had the urge...

...to just do your kid's homework for them because doing it would just be easier than actually trying to explain it? I find myself feeling that urge quite frequently, most especially when it comes to math. It seems that as an adult, I actually have the mental capacity, the logical reasoning skills and the patience needed to do the math, but completely lack the skills necessary to explain how to do the math. I had neither the know how or the explanations when I was a kid myself, so at least knowing how to actually do the math is progress. Still, it's frustrating.

1 comment:

The Dew's said...

helllllllllllll ya, i give them the answes sometimes. I figure if we're sitting there for 1 hour plus and they havent gotten it YET, what's the point.

I dont care anymore i seriously dont.