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Friday, March 09, 2007

What The?

Sanjaya and Haley over Sundance and Sabrina?

What the @#$% is up with that?


Jay said...

Sabrina was a surprise, yet... too boring. Too same old black girl singing cookie cutter songs. Ironically, Haley finally caught my attention this week, and she was probably saved by a combination of people who found her song catchy and a bit different from the crowd, if not perfectly sung, and people sympathetic after Simon was done with her. Which it's often speculated that Simon and TPTB do intentionally to nudge voting where they'd like it to go.

Sanjaya was a lot better this week, and Sundance sucked. Had he sung the way he did on the results show, who knows, but then it would probably have been Phil leaving and Sundance staying. I think Phil knows just how lucky he was this week. Sanjaya has too much demographic favor.

Here's where it gets interesting, because any of the girls who made it to the 12 have a hope of making it to the top 8, with the guys being so bad except a couple of them. Phil won't last long. Sanjaya *might* not last long regardless. Brandon might not last long. In an ideal world, Chris Richardson is done for. Stephanie is in as much danger as Haley, though if there's a backlash backlash, and if she's not decent next time, Haley could go right away. Stephanie is lost in a sea of black female talent and not distinct, interesting, or overwhelmingly good enough.

At this point, Haley has an even chance of being in the 10 and getting to tour, even if she's the Melissa ("who?") McGhee of 2006.

Jon Swift said...

Sanjaya must be stopped. Our national security and even our way of life may be at stake.