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Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend Review

So, everyone knows (well, maybe not everyone) how "together" Ryun is when it comes to being organized and how obsessed he is with cars and keys and things of that nature. Well, this weekend, we spend the day Saturday at a hotel in Dedham, visting with my aunt who was here from California. The plan was for Ryun and the girls to stay through dinner and then Ryun would bring the girls home and I would spend the night with my aunt. We were getting ready to leave (my sister Heather had Emily and Katherine at the mall with her so it was just Ryun, Julia, my grandmother and myself) and Ryun went out to bring the car up so my grandmother wouldn't have a far walk. This is what happened.

He discovered that he had left his headlights on and his battery was dead.

He left one set of keys in the ignition and the other spare set that he always carries on the passenger seat.

Then he locked the door.

Next he realized that his cell phone battery was dead.

Yeah, I know. He had brought Julia with him. Thank God he hadn't put her in the car yet or he would have had to break a window. Anyway, he tried to jimmy the lock himself and he had it about half way up. In the meantime, we remembered that my sister Heather's car was still in the lot (they had taken my aunt's rental to the mall) and her keys were back in the room. My mother suggested I just strap Julia in to the car (remember we had not car seat) and bring her and my grandmother to the restaurant while Ryun waited for AAA to come open his car and jump the car. I was NOT COOL with this (not because I really thought something would happen but because I figured that with the kind of luck I have, this would be the one time that I got pulled over and the officer would discover my 2 year old daughter not in a car seat). So, my father ended up being a taxi service and shuttling Suzanne and Jack to the restaurant, and coming back to get the rest of us, with Julia sitting in Jack's car seat. By the time all was said and done, Ryun was not hungry and extremely mad at himself, Julia was asleep on my father's lap in the restaurant, and my parents had booked us a room thinking that Ryun would be in "no frame of mind" to deal with the older kids. So, Ryun just came and got Julia and then went home. I felt bad that he missed eating at Vinny T's and I knew, because of how he is, that it was going to take him a good long night's sleep before he was over it. I'm not going to lie either...when he told me his battery was dead because he left the lights on, that he locked two sets of keys in the car, and that he let his cellphone battery run down until it was dead, I was a little worried. That is so not Ryun. Everyone has a bad day I guess but as many people (including myself) pointed out, if I had done any of those things, it would have been more like an "Oh, this is a Sharon moment." I am just not "together" like Ryun is.

Anyway, after Ryun left with Julia we finished up dinner and sent my father back to the hotel to babysit the grandkids while my sisters, mother, aunt and I went to a bar in Roslindale (where a friend of a friend of my mother's) Irish Band was playing. It was a nice way to celebrate St. Patty's Day.

The next morning we went to breakfast and swam for a while with the kids. We had lunch at Joe's and then came home. Last night, I made a cornbeef and cabbage dinner and settled in for a nice evening of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with Emily.

All in all, it was a great weekend, even if I did feel bad for Ryun.

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