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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tonight On LOST...

...Locke's back story continued. Finally! Any guesses as to why he was confined to a wheelchair? Or why, after crash landing on the island he could suddenly walk again? I will be interested to see if they get in to the "power of the island" and the "fate brought us here" part of the story that Locke is always bringing up.

Anyway, I think there is only one person that both reads this blog and watches LOST (ahem Jen), so I doubt anyone other than her will have any thoughts on the matter buy, hey, you never know!


Anonymous said...

Oh man...nothing like putting me on the spot!
We missed one episode (the one where they found that weird Darma guy). I'm wondering if his paralysis is psychological? Because he was betrayed by his father, and then by that FBI guy at that compound type thing. Or does it have something to do with missing a kidney?
Speaking of the "healing powers" of the island, what about Bernard and Rose?? I miss them!!
Tonight should be really good...I only hope I can stay up that late! I hate it being on at ten. I need my beauty rest!

Anonymous said...

OK, so I was way off...but OH.MY.GOD it was so good last night.

Sharon said...

yeah last night was good...what a twist at the end seeing is father on the island. That was one of the best episodes, I think, in a while!