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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Report Card Report

With the busy weekend, I completely forgot to mention that the girls got their report cards on Friday. They both did quite well.

Emily has made some dramatic improvement in math which was nice to see. Everything else basically stayed the same or went up. Her teacher comment said, "Emily is a wonderful young lady She has made gains this term. She should continue to slow down and recheck her work."

Katherine did well also, and either stayed the same or went up in every area. Her teacher comment said, "Katherine tries to do her best at all times. She is very proud of her performance. Katherine has made good academic gains this term. Keep up the good work."

Just before report cards, I had a parent-teacher conference with Katherine's teacher. These conferences were not scheduled for every parent, but her teacher requested one with me just because she likes to touch base with any parent who has a student in her class receiving any special services(Katherine receives Title I reading services). Overall, she was pleased with Katherine's progress. One thing that she said that surprised me was that Katherine really thinks "outside the box" and is the catalyst for many conversations in the classroom. I was pleased to hear this, as it was not something that I generally would expect of Katherine.

Anyway, YAY for good report cards!

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