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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Fold

Pardon me, but are you f'ing kidding?

A casino? Here?

I am so adamently opposed to the idea that I am not sure I could even begin to put it in to words, but let me try.

Obviously, the monetary benefits would be huge. It means more jobs, more income for the town, and more peopple coming to town and shopping at local businesses. You all know already how I feel about education cuts so in that respect, I can see why it may be a good thing. That's about the only point I can see that is good.

Traffic, in some areas of town already stinks (can we say the rotary and the intersection of 105 and 28?). Adding a casino will certainly not help in that regard. There would have to be some major plan in place for traffic control for me to change my mind on this part.

People, people, and more people. Perhaps one of my bigger concerns? The customers. I know, not everyone who gambles is "bad" but there are certainly some concerns surrounding the type of people a casino might draw. This makes me very nervous.

My biggest point of opposition? The inevitable loss of the small town feel. There is no way that it would be maintained with a huge draw like a casino. One of the main reasons I like Middleboro so much is the small town feel, the long country roads, the vast woods, and the way "everyone knows everyone." I find it hard to imagine that it wouldn't change.


wayne said...

It won't happen. You maybe don't remember the big plans for an international airport to replace logan that would be in Middleboro,Halifax and part of bridgewater? Then there was the big amusment park that was suppost to go into south Plymouth. I think the casino thing has come up before also.
I doubt you will have to worry about it ever realy happening. Hell it took 5 years for them to build a wal Mart in Halifax.. LOL

Jay said...

I'd actually been thinking about writing a post about how great the rotary is for making traffic flow smoothly. Heh.

endangered coffee said...

I live on the North Shore now, and putting a big ol' casino in Middleboro is not going to do much to make me want to move back.