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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Update on Julia, Today's Plans

After day 5 of a fever, I took Julia to the doctor late yesterday afternoon. Turns out the poor doll has a double ear infection. This was last on my list of concerns as she was generally sleeping through the night and didn't seem to be in pain otherwise. Apparently, both she and Emily have a high tolerance for ear pain (when Emily was first diagnosed with Epilepsy 2 years ago she had the worst ear infection the doctor in the ER had ever seen and she hadn't complained once about her ear hurting). Anyway, after just one dose of the amoxycillin, she seems better already.

Emily and I are going to start her book report today. She had to pick a President or a First Lady to write about so, she picked Bess Truman. Emily has to write a report, make a 3-d model of somethign related to Bess Truman (we are making a tennis racket out of pipe cleaners as Bess Truman was an avid tennis player) and dress up like Bess. I still have no idea what we are going to do for the "dress up" part but I thought I might look on Ebay for vintage children's clothing from the 40's. I could probably find a thrift shop that might have some older pieces but I will have to see.

I need to run out to the bank today too. I haven't had a coffee since Monday either so that will be a must (one day without Dunky's is like...ah, nevermind).

On the agenda for tonight: AI and , of course, LOST.

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CTG said...

Poor Julia!