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Monday, February 19, 2007

Ice Skating

My sister took Emily and Katherine ice skating yesterday. They have never been before (which, I know is weird, given the region of the country we live in). Ryun doesn't skate, and I haven't in years, so we just never thought of going with the girls.

It's in situations such as this, that I realize how much Katherine is like me, and how much Emily is not.

Katherine never left the wall of the rink. She hated it, was afraid, and didn't ever want to do it again. Much of Katherine's fear comes from lack of confidence in her own abilities, which was a huge thing for me when I was younger, and still is today. Admittedly, age has brought a little more confidence my way, still, I'm afraid faith in myself is something that I don't have much of. It's kind of hard, as a parent, to watch your child go through the same thing. I am sure it was difficult for my own parents to watch me. The thing is, I wish she had more confidence, but at the same time, I know pushing her to won't help. So, I will give her a little encouragement here and there, and hopefully, she will find it in her own time.

Emily laced up her skates, stepped on to the ice and skated around like she'd been doing it all her life. This doesn't really surprise me, but at the same time, I still can't believe she did it. Her confidence in awe-inspiring. It's really an amazing thing to watch. In some respects, I am jealous. Mostly though, I am just thankful that she has it. Based on her confidence level alone, it is really hard to imagine Emily failing at anything she tries.

(Video coming soon!)

UPDATE: See Below!

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