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Friday, May 05, 2006

OT Eval

Julia had her OT Evaluation at Health South today. It went well, and as I suspected would be the case, we will be adding OT to the mix starting in a couple of weeks.

I filled out a sensory questionaire type thing. Amy did all kinds of fun things with Julia (although Julia didn't think some of the games were so fun!) like playing with dry rice, using foaming soap, touching sandpaper and squishy type balls, and eating cherrios.

When Amy asked what my main concern was I told her it was the feeding thing. I learned a lot in just this one visit (which I will share at some point) about why Julia will bite a piece of toast but swallow a spoonful of macaroni whole, about why she refuses to eat anything that she can't adequately "mush" around her mouth, about why, when she does eat something like a cheerio she doesn't chew it and instead mashes it with her tongue.

I also got in to the motor planning thing a bit and the part about how she hates touching anything rough likethe grass or the dirt.

I will be hearing from Amy within a couple of weeks about scheduling our appointments, which will take place once weekly.

Anyway, I have laundry to do and a book to read.


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