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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Most Interesting Trip To The Library. Like Ever.

So, I had to return a book tonight at the library. I dropped the book off and checked out a new one. I decided, rather than going out to the lights at 105 that I would take a left at the lights in the center of town and head back home down Wareham Street. So, as I am approaching a construction company building on the right hand side of the street, I see about 4 kids in a heated verbal exchange on the sidewalk. As I am coming a bit closer all of a sudden one kid punches another clear in the jaw, they wrestle to the ground and roll in to the middle of the street in to the path of my car. Thankfully, because it's kind of a residential type area, I wasn't going fast to begin with but I had to step on the brakes pretty hard to avoid hitting them. So, there I am stopped in the middle of the street, with two teenage boys rolling all over the ground punching each other. I backed up a little, pulled in to the parking lot of the construction company, rolled down my window a smidge and yelled out to the two boys observing the fight, "You'd better tell them to stop and get out of the street or I am going to call the police." They said something, not sure what exactly, but the kids were still killing each other so I called. I hung around (with my doors locked and windows rolled up...yeah I know but I was afraid that they might be pissed that I was calling and try to drag me out of the car or something) just to make sure the police wouldn't need to talk to me. So they came and, after a few minutes I got out of my car and said to the officer, "I was the one who called and just wanted to make sure you didn't need to talk to me." He said they were all set and I said to the kids, "Sorry guys, I didn't want to get anyone in trouble but, I almost hit you with my car and I didn't want anyone to get hurt." One kid actually said thank you and I left.

So the kid that appeared to start the whole thing? Yeah as soon as he saw the cops pull in he started to walk away. Suspicious if you ask me.

And can I just tell you how disrespectful kids are? OMG, you should have heard the way one of these kids was talking to the cop.

It went something like this.

"I was fucking walking down the fucking street and this fucking kid just fucking came up and fucking started shit and fucking punched me dude. He fucking punched me and then we fucking rolled around in the fucking street and that red sable over there almost fucking killed us."

Ok so I am exaggerating a little but not much. I was thinking to myself, "Dude, not only is this an adult that you should have some respect for just on principle but he's a police officer. He could arrest you. Play nice."

Ok so anyway, I left and decided to stop at Subway and get a Roasted Chicken Sub and I swear to God the 17 year old behind the counter and the kid that works at the Mobil were flirting with me. I know, right? I wanted to say something like "Hi I am a 30 year old married woman" but eh, whatever it was harmless. Harmless but kind of funny if you ask me.

He was trying to tell me that eating Subway food causes cancer or some foolish shit like that (he was kidding)and I said, "It's good so I am eating it anyway, and BTW, don't you know everything causes cancer?"

It's true you know.

Anyway, so that was my exciting trip out for the night.

The fighting kids were ok BTW. One had a bloody lip but that looked to be about it.

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