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Sunday, May 07, 2006


So, with three girls, all of whom have a ton of hair, you can imagine how many elastics, headbands, clips, barettes etc. we have. Right now, we are storing them all in a large tupperware container. It's defintitley not the best way to organize them because in order to get a barette you need to go through about 50 headbands to reach through to the bottom of the bin.

I'm wondering, does anyone have any thoughts on a better way to organize them?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Deb said...

A tackle-box sort of thing? Or a little chest of little drawers, like something you'd store screws and nuts and such in?

Sharon said...

Funny Deb, as soon as I posted this entry, I thought of the exact same thing! Great minds think alike!

The Dew's said...

I buy the elastics (ouchless, no metal) that come on a ring of some sort. I beleive goody makes them. I took a coat hanger (from store that holds pants) hung from a hook and HOOKED the elastics that came on them on the hanger. It's confusing i know. But I only use the ouchless b/c the others break my kids hair. Also i threw out a ton of stuff (hard for me to do) that we just didnt use anymore, which cleaned alot. I'll try to explain it bettr in person to you.