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Saturday, April 29, 2006

MCAS Crazy Daze

Emily came home with a flyer in her bag, advertising the next two weeks of school as MCAS Crazy Daze. Each day has a different theme. So you know, I am looking for help with ideas for a few of them.

Here's the schedule. I have listed what ideas I have and which ones I am looking for help with!

Mismatch Day: Obvious...just going to dress her in striped pants and a polka dot shirt ...or something like that.

Twin Day: Dress the same as another classmate. I am thinking she should pick her friend Kerri and they can wear khaki pants and a white t shirt...or something like that.

Career Day: Wear an oufit that shows what you want to be when you "grow up". Emily's latest decision: She wants to be a "fashion designer." HELP! No idea what she could wear. I am thinking just dress her up really nice? Thoughts?

Crazy hair/wig day: I plan on doing spiked bangs and crazy ponytails/braids all over.

Sports Day: wear clothing to support your favorite sports team: Ryun, she's wearing your Red Sox baseball cap, k?

Animal Day: wear something to show what your favorite animal is, or carry around your favorite stuffed animal with you. We have enough stuffed animals around here that we could probably supply the whole school, so I think we will be all set.

Teacher/Student Day: Kids dress like a teacher and vice versa. HELP! I plan on dressing her up nice but I wondered if anyone had any other good ideas to add to the mix?

Formal Day: She's going to wear her Easter dress. Done.

Crazy Socks and Hat Day: HELP! We don't own any crazy socks or hats so I might have to buy something for this...unless you all have any good ideas.

Pajama Day; She's wearing PJ's. Pretty Easy!

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Anonymous said...

Here are my ideas!!
For the fashion designer, maybe send her with a "sketchbook" and a measuring tape (the ones seamstresses use) for accessories?
For the teacher, she could be a gym teacher and wear warm ups or something like that.
For crazy socks, take a pair of white socks and tie dye them!!