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Monday, April 03, 2006

Drainage Issues

Poor Katherine is home with me today. She was up until 11:30 last night, coughing. She had coughed a little bit the night before, but it seems to get progressively worse as yesterday wore on.

As a precautionary measure, I gave her Dimetab before bed. She went up at about 7 or so, but I ended up bringing her back downstairs, to try and sleep upright on the couch. For a while, she was still hacking away so I decided to try her Albuterol inhaler, thinking that she was perhaps having an asthma attack, that only included coughing. Even that didn't work. She still coughed for a good hour before falling asleep, probably out of exhaustion, with being up much later than normal, and coughing so forcefully for a good 4 hours.

She seems a bit better today (no major coughing fits to speak of). I kept her home because I knew that there was no way she could function well at school on so little sleep. Katherine is definitely the kind of person that doesn't do well when her normal sleeping pattern is disrupted.

She's been kind of mopey and just wanted to eat breakfast now (after 9 here). I was just about to tell her she had to eat something (she has ketotic hypoglycemia and was starting to show signs of an attack) when she hopped off the couch and announced that she wanted Special K.

I really think Katherine has issues with drainage. It seemed like a post nasal drip cough which is what it always seems to sound like with her, and she complained of an ear ache. Almost every time she has this cough (which is quite frequently between the months of November-May or so) she complains of an ear ache. Sometimes it turns out to be an ear infection, sometimes it's just fluid in her ears.

Julia is out of sorts as well today, but seems more like she might be getting the stomach thing Emily had over the weekend as opposed to a cold.

So, I cancelled Monday Morning Scrapbooking. I was sort of looking forward to it but I didn't want to pass the germs on to anyone else. Tracey wasn't going to be able to come anyway, so I am hoping we can reschedule for sometime later this week, when we can all attend and no one is sick!

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