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Saturday, April 08, 2006

48 Hours

Last night was the kickoff event for the The 48 Hour Film Project. Team Bait Shop/Burt Wood will be making a sci fi film!

Emily is shooting at Burt Wood this evening from 5-9 and then again tomorrow morning from 8-12. She is so excited!

We got an email last night from Andrew, a teacher at Burtwood who is running the show (so to speak. His resume can be found by clicking here and scrolling down (look for Andrew Osbourne). Dramarama apparently, was delayed in production as IMDB is currently showing that it will be out sometime this year.

The 48 Hour Film Project has some required props, dialogue, and characters that must be in the movie. For the Team Bait Shop/Burt Wood film they need to have a bicycle pump for the prop, a character named G. GoForth(a competitive eating contestant) the following line of dialogue, "That's why I don't trust her anymore." Other than those requirements, they pretty much have free reign over what they do, as long as it's within the science fiction genre.

The film will be screened at the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge on Thursday night. Tickets are $9.00.

I think this will be a fabulous thing for Emily. She loves this kind of thing (acting, singing etc). She is really talented too.

We have talked about having her do private voice and acting lessons at Burt Wood next year. Right now, she is in the Junior Musical Theatre class, and to be honest, it seems "below" her. She is just bursting at the seams with a talent that I don't think the current class has the capacity for her to express.

She thinks the private lessons would be better, and so do I.

Anyway, I am off to color Easter Eggs with the kids!

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