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Sunday, March 19, 2006


My father took the kids (all three of them!) over night last night. We are going over there later on today to cook a ham dinner for my father and sister (Mom is in Cali so someone needs to cook for them!).

So, Ryun and I have managed to get an entire night and most of an entire day kid-free. Which is weird, but nice at the same time. We went to dinner at The Olive Garden and went to Michael's to get the Sizzix. Ryun is on his way outside to do some "spring cleaning" in the yard, which reminds me, I have to remind him to call my brother in law to find out how much it would cost for him to go do a complete overhaul of the back yard...clean it up, rake it out etc. When we rented the house, the person we rented from didn't keep up with the backyard and there was probably two or three years worth of overgrowth. Ryun did some of it but it really needs to be done professionally.

As for me, I am going to go through and organize all my scrapbooking stickers into a binder with clear plastic sheets so that I can easily find what I am looking for (AWESOME IDEA TRACE!). Right now, they are in an expandable file which is nice, but harldy makes it easy to find what I need.

I have to make the mashed potatoes for dinner tonight which I will probably do right before I head out.

My sister Heather and I are going to see the movie, "Failure to Launch" tonight. Matthew McConaughey...ahhh...

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