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Monday, March 27, 2006

MCAS and Redemption

Emily's teacher plays this game in the classroom where they take a soft, squishy type ball and throw it to each other. You throw it and then have to say something nice about the person you throw it to.

Yesterday, Emily's teacher started the game by throwing it to Emily and saying, "Emily, I think you're an awesome reader and you are going to soar right through the MCAS."

So, I think she redeemed herself a little bit after the nasty comment she made a few weeks back about turning in garbage and failing etc.

She starts the MCAS this morning. I sent her off to school with a little note in her bag (that she was instructed not to open until she sits down at her desk) that says "Good luck on the MCAS Emily! We know you can do it! Love Mom and Dad."

I am sure she will do fine. This is the reading portion afterall.

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Auntie Suzanne said...

Shazzy - I love reading your blogs.....I love hearing about my nieces and there doings but I especially love to read about what an amazing mother you are. Emily, Katherine and Julia are three of the luckiest children in this world to have you as a mother. You are such an inspiration to me.
I love you.