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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What We've Got Here Is A Failure To Communicate

Most of my readers are aware of the many committees and task forces I serve on as well as the volunteer positions I hold.  If not (or if you just don't remember!), please see this post for the most recent list.  My reasons for taking such an active role in the lives of my children through these committees are many and varied but first and foremost is my commitment to the education of my daughter's and the critical role I know parent involvement plays in their success. That being said, I don't join a committee, organization or take on a volunteer position just because it looks good.  I do it because I want  to and because I care and want to make a difference.   In many of the committees I serve on or the organizations I belong to I dive right in, usually taking on some sort of role beyond just being a member.  I give my full attention and dedication to my work on these committees and make sure that I am timely in all of my communications, carry out whatever tasks are expected of me and take an active, participatory role in all I do.  There are a few areas in my life in which my commitment and dedication are lacking (mostly when it comes to taking care of me) but in the instances above in which my work will directly affect others, you can be sure that I will see whatever I start  right through to the end.

Perhaps it  is because of my overwhelmingly strong sense of responsibility that it bothers me when others don't share this intense dedication and commitment. It is frustrating beyond belief when someone else steps up to the plate to do something and they don't.  It is even more aggravating when I step up the plate to do something and  the lack of follow through of someone else impedes my ability to do my job well, or in the case I am referring to, at all.  Exactly how hard is it to respond to my repeated inquiries so I can proceed with my tasks with the appropriate information?  I can rest easy knowing I have done my part by trying, on multiple occasions to get the information needed.  What I can't deal with is someone else's lack of follow through making me look bad.

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