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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Volunteer Experience

Below is a list consisting of every volunteer position I have held (since Emily began school anyway). I am in the process of developing a resume that will include in some form my volunteer experiences. I am still not sure how I am going to get this in to resume form without it being pages long as I also need to include some descriptions of what each volunteer position entailed and what I was responsible for. I have a feeling I may need to pick and choose or highlight specific pieces that I feel are important. At some point, I hope to transfer some of these skills and others acquired through my life and work experience to the workforce. Anyway, here is the list.

Religious Education Teacher
September 2004-June 2005
Girl Scouts

Junior Troop Leader
September 2006-June 2007
Brownie Troop Leader
September 2007-June 2008
Middleborough Elementary PTA

Cultural Enrichment Chairperson
September 2006-June 2007
Fundraising Chairperson
September 2007-June 2008
Mardi Gras Carnival Co-Chair
September 2007-June 2009
Advocacy Committee Chair
September 2009-present
September 2008-present
Nichols Middle School PTSA

September 2008-present
Massachusetts PTA

Advocacy Team
September 2009-present
State Advocacy Chairperson
April 2010-present
Federal Legislative Chair
January 2011-present
Middleborough Public Schools

Parent Volunteer
September 2004-present
Memorial Early Childhood Center School Council
September 2009-present
Henry B. Burkland School Council
September 2010-present
Nichols Middle School Council
September 2010-present
Henry B. Burkland School Spring Dance Chair
September 2010-present
Title I Parent Advisory Council
October 2010-present
Anti-Bullying Task Force
May 2010-present
Health and Wellness Committee
November 2010-present
Strategic Planning Committee
December 2010-present
Yes 4 Middleboro Schools PAC

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